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Adorable talented underage fetuses and K-dramas are currently ruining my life. You have been warned.
"If life ain't just a joke, then why are we laughing?" MCR<3
"Dreams are not for having, they're only there for you to chase, that way you feel grateful everyday." YB<3

The best of “Flower boys band”

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닥치고 꽃미남밴드 (Shut Up Flower Boy Band)

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I hate people who give up before giving it a shot. And I hate the thought of dragging someone down.

Ji Hyuk (Shut Up Flower Boy Band)

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The world that surrounds us is gray and we can’t see our futures. But for now, we just shut up and run - to the time that’s waiting for us.


         2013 SBS Drama Awards
         Literally a bunch of kids from school
         who just came back from vacation and are glad to see each other.

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